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Cants Movers Kenya is an experienced moving services company in Nairobi Kenya that helps our clients with relocation related needs. This includes Packing, loading, transporting your belongings and arranging them in your new house as per your instructions. The moving professionals at Cants Movers Kenya understands how to serve clients with very different needs and they do it well, listening to you and your specifications and abiding by them throughout the process.
At Cants Movers Kenya company, our movers take pride in serving you and making your move process as smooth as possible. We also customize our relocation services to fit your moving needs, whether you are moving a few or large collection of items, live in an apartment or own a home. We often organise for pre-moving surveys upon invitations by our customers. lncase you need us to visit your premises, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We ensures your valuable files, computers and furnitures are handled with care.
We take pride in providing all the services that you could possibly need to make it happen quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Cants Movers Kenya hava a proven track record, caring attitude, professionalism and dedicated customers services, you can trust. You can rest assured that cants movers will help your business remain productive during and after the relocation by planning and organizing a smooth relocation upon your schedule that will not affect the operation and business line up.
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Free Packing for Moving

We offer Packing and unpacking services. We provide packaging materials: boxes, bubble wraps, corrugated, stretch film, kitchen wraps for relocation.

Free TV Mounting

Our moving services come with free TV mounting. Just let us know before the house move day and we will mount it back at you final destination.

Free DSTV Installation

We also provide free DSTV installation and reinstallation and  Zuku satellite installation.

Our Services

Home Moving

At Cants Movers, we aim to provide the best services within your means. We can provide a skilled and experienced House Removal with a personalised service to meet your House Removalrelocation.

Our experts provides a Moving and Packing service so you can take the stress out of doing everything yourself. We can provide all the packing materials and pack indivially all your items in to boxes, marking them so you can see what is what.

Our services comprises of: Loading of goods, Unloading of goods, Packing of all goods, Disassembling and reassembling aat the final destination.

Office Moving

At Cants Movers our principle objective is to give you an effective and stress free Office Moves service. Our Moving company work professionally and intend to serve our customers with the best services at very competitive prices. Moving out one business location and settling in the new one isn’t simple task. Our Office Moves services are here to encourage you. Our organization is the most reliable organisation and will serve you from beginning to end. When you call us to enquire for your Office Move we can organise a visit if necessary to your office or shop to give you a quote and any useful information to make your transition more comfortable.

International Relocation

We cover cross border relocations across major cities in Eastern Africa and Southern Africa. For cross border we manage the move right to your door step, we unpack and set-up at your final destination.

International relocation is complex especially with today’s international regulations, security concerns and quarantine laws. This is where our vast experience comes in handy. We have partnered with X2 movers and IAM networks which give us coverage to deliver door to door to all destinations globally. Whether by air or sea, we ensure packing to international standards, handling and final delivery.


Cants Movers provides customers support and respond to you instantly. Establishing a strong relationship of trust and reliability with our clients. We value our customers privacy, time and money. Trusted manpower to ensure careful moving capability.

moving services company in Nairobi Kenya


We are a fully licensed moving services company in Nairobi Kenya. What that means is we’re reputable. You will only receive the most professional customer service from us.


Our team is fully trained and skilled with additional TV mounting and DSTV installation skills. We also offer basic housekeeping services when we move you


Unlike many local moving companies in Nairobi Kenya, we deliver exceptional value for the expert service that we provide our customers at affordable cost

Partner With One Of The Best Movers In Nairobi Kenya

Moving to a new location, irrespective of whether it is a new office or residence, is not an easy process. In any case, it can prove to be a costly, lengthy and challenging procedure irrespective of whether you are relocating your business setup to a bigger office or are a family moving to a new neighborhood. To uphold our repute amongst the premium moving companies in Nairobi Kenya, our highly professional and trained team of packing and moving specialists is here to ensure that your move is planned, coordinated and managed in a manner that ensures 100% client satisfaction.

Ever since our inception, we have put in the best of our efforts to gain an excellent reputation for our international standard services. Over the years, we have acquired ample experience in virtually everything related packing, transporting and exporting fragile items, and loading heavy furniture after disassembling. With us, there is nothing for you to worry about in terms of managing the entire relocation process.

Considered one of the premium office and home movers in nairobi Kenya, our personnel receive extensive training in both local and international relocations. This makes it possible for us to fulfill the requirements of even the most challenging and demanding projects with utmost ease. Not only that, our services are guaranteed to be cost-effective and pocket-friendly to ensure that your needs are fulfilled in an affordable manner.

No Matter Your Needs; We Are Here To Fulfill Them All

At Cants Movers, our sole focus is to ensure that our clients receive world-class services at a price that doesn’t make them break the bank. From us, the only thing that you can expect is the highest quality service, irrespective of the complexity of the project. As one of the leading storage and removals companies in Nairobi Kenya, we go the extra mile to ensure that our packing, moving and storage are delivered in sync with the highest international standards.

Receive The Best Services At The Best Price

Most importantly, our efficient services are delivered are highly competitive rates. We realize that our clients come from different background and have varied needs and budgets. For this reason, we offer service packages that are cost-effective and focused on ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Apart from that, we also take pride in our highly efficient and trained customer service department that is dedicated to addressing the concerns and queries of our esteemed clients. So no matter your needs, we assure you of delivering excellent value for your money!

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Irrespective of whether you are planning to move locally or internationally, the one thing that you can be assured of is that our team of professional home movers in Nairobi is ready to serve you. For further information about our services, or to get a quote for your individual moving requirements, feel free to give us a call at 0701 927 637 | 0708 703 456 right now.


Reliable Affordable Moving Services Company in Nairobi Kenya

Cants Movers Kenya focuses on all your relocation and Moving needs i.e. Home moving, corporate relocations, International relocation and warehousing and storage. Our moving services focus on results output & puts your needs first. Our services are of highest level hence we solve your most challenging pest problems. We also offer free consultation services to our clients. Moving can be stressful but with us you can be rest assured of a move without tears. We specialize moving services in Nairobi and Kenya using our world class trucks and storage facilities.

• Free consultation and free quotes for all RELOCATION AND MOVING SERVICES
• Kenyan trusted, 100% non-biased full service consulting company.
• Successful, Proven, Guaranteed stress free move.
• 24/7 customer care services
•Focused on 100% stress free relocation and moving services.


Why Hire a moving services company in Nairobi Kenya.

When you are preparing for a move, you will find that there are a lot of details that have to be taken care of. You will have a lot of preparations to handle for the big day and it will take a lot of time for one or two people to handle. Most people find it a lot easier to hire movers to take care of all these things for them. Movers can make it a lot less stressful for everyone involved.

Movers can usually be found in most areas. In some companies, they will provide different services. There are some movers that do more and others that only provide minimal services. You will need to decide what you are looking for in the moving company that you hire. Think about all the things that you are going to need done and what you are going to be willing to pay for.

Some moving companies only provide the transportation part of the move. This means that you will have to do all the packing and the wrapping. For some of the companies, you will even have to load the boxes and packages up on the truck. This may not be what a lot of people want in their moving company. They may expect the movers that they hire to do all the work for them in order to make their life easier.

If this is the case, you should look for movers that provide all the services of moving. This will include the wrapping of items, boxing them up, loading and unloading the truck and driving to the new location. A lot of people want this full service in their moving companies. For this service, however, you are going to have to pay more for the cost. In the long run, it is usually worth the expense.

Most movers will even go the extra mile to pack one room at a time and then they will label them and put them in the rooms that they belong in the new house. This great time saving step will help a lot of people with the unpacking in the new home. When you know what is in each box and where it goes, you will save a lot of time and work in the end.

Some movers even have storage units available for the customer to store their unwanted items. This great feature will be a big help in most moves. This step will let you store the items that you do not want or cannot use in the new home. You will not have the bother of trying to find room for them. The items will be safely packed away in a storage container until you want them. This will also cost extra, but it again is worth the cost when it comes to making things a lot easier for your move.

Moving in Nairobi of course can be quite challenging, to say the least. Dealing with narrow entrances, lack of elevators, street access to list just a few things, can be nothing short of nerve racking. Hiring a mover is likely the best idea when moving in Nairobi.

But it can also be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. And perhaps the biggest challenge is finding reputable movers to do the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, scams and unethical business practices do exist. If you’re not careful, your money and belongings could be in jeopardy.

Knowing what to look for in a moving company will help you better prepare for your move and minimize the stress and hassle.

Seek Out Recommendations

In order to find a reputable moving company, it is important to ask family, friends and co-workers for recommendations. Chances are they have had experience with a particular company they can either recommend or steer you away from.

Check the Physical Address

To ensure a company is legitimate, check to see if it has a physical address. Consider visiting the facility and checking out the equipment. If you hire a local mover, you’ll avoid being duped into doing business with internet scammers.

Verify Credentials

Whatever company you’re thinking of hiring, make sure to verify its credentials. If you’re moving from one state to another, the moving company must have a number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. For in-state moves, requirements vary by jurisdiction. Check your state’s rules and regulations for moving companies.

Read Reviews

Visit the company’s website and read what its customers are saying. Also, you can check the company’s rating with Google reviews and facebook reviews

Check Their Experience

Choosing a reputable moving company is all about research, and part of that research includes finding out how long a company has been in business. Experience counts, and a long successful track record goes a long way in deciding who you want to entrust with your stuff.

Get Estimates

Get at least three in-home estimates and compare the bids. Request the mover for either a binding estimate or a binding not-to-exceed estimate. Both types put a guaranteed cap on what you will pay. Be wary of an unusually low estimate as it could reflect a lower quality service or they could try charging you more after the move. A reputable moving company will not give you an estimate over the phone or online. Face-to-face meetings are always best.

Understand Billing and Payment

Reputable movers won’t ask for large, upfront deposits or cash payments. If they do, move on. Payment should be made upon delivery with a credit card to protect against fraudulent activity. If you pay in advance, you have no control over when you will see your stuff again.